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Today was an eventful day. I went to school to find out that the… - BSmakerX [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Apr. 4th, 2005|10:13 pm]
Today was an eventful day. I went to school to find out that the Italy meeting was right after school. No big deal, i just didnt realize it would creep up this fast. Then in Spanish i got an awful grade on my test i took. A 52, yah in spanish that is mighty low. I felt like an idiot. I have never gotten below a C on a test in there. But its okay, itll definitely go up, i meen come on its Mrs. Caramelo's Class. Then after school i went to the meeting for Italy, and its going to cost 1840. that isnt to bad, i thought it might be more. I have to come up with 900 of it and my own spending money. So by next February i need 500 dollars to spend and to have given 900 to my mom. She is covering the other half. It really surprises me how my dad is so cheap. My mom got me an IPOD for my bday. My dad got me a shit card. No IOU, no anything else, a fucking card. Those are times i think to myself, wow i know you hated me, but this is deep. Not to mention the daily fights i get into with him. I want to punch him one of these times so he realizes that im not a little kid anymore, and the things he does/says do in fact make me wish he were dead. But i asked him to cover my deposit so i could go on this trip as my bday gift today. He said yah i can do it for you Thursday. I said no, i need it by tomorrow to guarantee a spot. After bitching and moaining about how he cant afford to pay me that, hes broke, comparing bills with my mom (a weekly occurrence) and me reminding him 3 times before he left for work to leave a check he did. Fucking PRick. But a lot of people i like are going to go on this trip. It will be eventful and a good time. Cant wait for February to come now.

I get my SAT scores in a week online. Im nervous as all hell about that.
My Grades i am anticipating on my report card are honor roll, so if i can FINALLY get honor roll in high school i might just cry when that report card comes in. I'v always had a stupid class where my grade is on the cusp of a B and i try hard to move it but to no avail. Only 2 months until JUne. Once JUne comes, school will be easy and ill be beaching it every weekend.